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Los Angeles is a city that is known to never stop moving, which can make it very difficult for Angelenos to get things done. If you live here, you know exactly what we mean, because you probably never have much free time. When you get home after a long day at work or sitting in traffic, the last thing you want to do is clean your house. This is why Maid Simple offers you cleaning services on your terms, when it's convenient for you. With our services, you can relax and not have to worry about keeping your home clean all the time.

Our Maid Simple location serves clients throughout the Los Angeles area, including the San Fernando Valley. We serve clients in L.A., North Hollywood, Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, and Van Nuys. It is our goal to make life simpler by assisting with the cleaning so you can have time for other important things in your life, such as spending quality time with your loved ones.

With each maid visit, Maid Simple will:

  • Dust surfaces
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs
  • Clean your kitchen (including the countertops, sinks, the outside of appliances, etc.)
  • Clean your bathrooms (including the sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, etc.)
  • Clean your tile/linoleum/hardwood floors
  • Make your mirrors shine
  • Make the beds
  • Empty the trash
  • Tidy rooms in your home

Take advantage of our affordable rates!

One major benefit of working with Maid Simple is our reasonable pricing. We want you to be able to enjoy premium-quality maid service at an affordable rate.

Our pricing in Los Angeles is as listed below:

  • $89 for homes less than 1,800 square feet
  • $99 for homes 1,800-2,300 square feet
  • $119 for homes 2,300-3,000 square feet

For the first visit, we will usually spend additional time in your home in order to reach our sparkling standards. As a result, you will be charged a small, additional fee of $30 for the initial visit. After that, our listed rates apply for bi-weekly service. If you have a home that is larger than 3,000 square feet and you would like a free quote, or if you simply have questions, please call us directly at (323) 762-5801!

A credit card will be required at the time of booking. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

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