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Make Cleaning Simple with Maid Simple of San Antonio, TX

Lesley and Rich, long-time residents of the San Antonio area, know how hectic life can be juggling work, family, and other commitments. Lesley and Rich want to help customers make life simpler by cleaning up your list of chores!

At Maid Simple, we simply clean your home on a day that works best for your schedule. Whether you are out running errands, or working from home, we tackle the task of cleaning for you. Let us give you the gift of time.

When you call Maid Simple, you will find everything from scheduling to the actual cleaning is straightforward. You can count on Lesley and Rich, to make your home simply sparkle!

A regular cleaning includes the following tasks to be performed with each home visit:

  • Bathroom cleanings consisting of commodes, sinks, showers, and tubs
  • Dusting around the home
  • A Kitchen Cleaning consisting of the sinks, countertops, exterior of small appliances, and floors
  • Making the beds
  • Emptying of the trash cans
  • Vacuuming/Mopping of the floors in the home

Maid Simple is committed to providing high-quality work and keeping our customers happy. If you have any special cleaning requests, please let us know as we would be happy to take care of those requests.

Maid Simple’s weekly and bi-weekly cleaning rates are:

  • $99 for homes less than 1,800 square feet*
  • $109 for homes 1,801-2,300 square feet*
  • $119 for homes 2,301-3,000 square feet*
  • $139 for homes 3,001-3,500 square feet*
  • $149 for homes 3,501-4,000 square feet*

*Rates are for weekly or bi-weekly service.

For move in/out cleans, or if your home is larger than 4,000 square feet, we will provide you with an in-home estimate. During our first visit to your home, we will spend extra time working to get your home up to Maid Simple standards, a one-time fee of $30 will be added to your regular rate. We are waiting to make your home shine! Call to book at 210-204-2274.

A credit card will be required at the time of booking. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.